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Across the Realms

Across the Realms is a fantastic team of designers with a very distinctive style.   Working in both Sci-Fi and Fantasy genres, their incredible models and minis span a wide range of styles.

You have your player characters or heroes like The Mercenary or perhaps the stunning Tortle Cleric,  then there's your typical NPC style characters like the town crier or even the Scholar. 

Monsters and creatures are also well represented, from tiny models like Fido the Intellect Devourer, all the way up to the massive Ghost Dragon! 

Post apocalyptic games are covered well as well.  From gangers through to vehicles.  Just check out that Lambo Tank!

Their designs make great proxy replacements for many tabletop games including Dungeons and Dragons and Necromunda.  

All of their models are typically designed to work with 32mm Scale tabletops and have fantastic amounts of detail.

For further information, please visit their patreon at

Across the Realms Logo
We are a licensed distributer of products designed by Across the Realms and as such are permitted to print their designs for commercial purposes. Under license we are allowed to print at different scales to allow suitability for different table top games.

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*Only one Model of the Month offer is redeemable off advertised model per order.  Minimum order value is £8 
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