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Cast N Play

This collection covers all of the individually themed releases of the massively popular Cast N Play. 

Releasing a different theme each month typically based on the next chapter of their own Dungeons and Dragons 5e scenario, which covers a huge range of Scenery, props, resin bases, NPCs, Characters and creatures.

We have enough furniture to dress an Alchemist home, a weapons store, a merchant store to name but a few.  The Royal Feast chapter has some pretty pottery, seats, and general furniture.

Some of the most amazing models reside within this designer.  Monsters and Creatures are amazing from this designer.  The massive Daemon Prince Thulugar, the dragons, and even a whole hoard of Rat people!  

There are great representations of a lot of speciies of creature and humanoid.  

NPCs?  There is the humble Innkeeper, the leader of the Adventurers Guild, to name but a few.

They design everything you would need to tell their story, and fully immerse yourself within the narrative.  

For further information, please visit their Patreon at

Cast N Play Logo
We are a licensed distributer of products designed by Cast N Play and as such are permitted to print their designs for commercial purposes.  Under license we are allowed to print at different scales to allow suitability for different tabletop games.

Why not check out more of their models and minis in the store!
*Only one Model of the Month offer is redeemable off advertised model per order.  Minimum order value is £8 
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