Code2 is a design team that is clearly inspired by architecture and construction. They are best known for creating their multi-part building models which range from small dwellings through to great castles.

They have also created many incredible smaller models which include, fountains, bridges, interior pieces and many more. The detail and quality of the models are incredible. Check out the tabletops in the Street market, the apples and fruit are incredibly detailed for their size.

We are working with this great designer, with more models being uploaded to the store over the coming weeks. These models have been designed for 28mm scale tabletops and are printed using our FDM printers which can be a little less speedy than our resin machines.

We are a licensed distributer of products designed by Code2 and as such are permitted to print their designs for commercial purposes. We are allowed under license to print at different scales to allow suitability for different tabletop games.
For further information, please visit their Patreon at

Some Code2 Designs

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