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ForMySin Designs - Models and Minis UK. Your one stop shop for tabletop gaming models, minis, scenery and resin bases.

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Our 3D Printing Process for our Models, Miniatures and Scenery

Our Models and Minis Printing Process

In order to explain our printing process, its important to explain that our models and minis are Resin 3D Printed at very high definition typically using a 40 micron layer height, which gives a great balance of speed of print along with incredible detail.

We primarily use Grey or Brown coloured resins and use mainly ABS style photo-curing resins. These tend to add a little more flexibility to the model making it a little more robust on that first drop.

Our models and minis are fully washed and final cured prior to shipping, with little to no post-processing on your part. We do however have to support our models during the printing process. These can leave little marks at times where the supports come off. This may need a little attention prior to painting.

How to Fix your Models, minis and Scenery together

When you receive your models and minis, there will always be a little preparation needed in order to build your miniatures. Using a small file or sandpaper you can remove or reduce any imperfections or build lines. Always pre-fit your parts prior to gluing. Always test the fit in the position you wish you have the parts. You may in some circumstances wish to fill any gaps to give a perfect finish.

We recommend using the following adhesives to build your models;

Epoxy Resin
UV Resin Welding

Our Other items Printing Process

We do have some items, and some scenery that is printed using 3D FDM printers. We typically print using white or grey filament. For our Scenery we print to a 0.2mm layer height using PLA polymers. These are shipped with all printing supports removed, cleaned up and ready to prep for paint.

There may be some marks from the printing process that may need a little of your attention prior to painting.

Please note, you are not advised to sand the product more than surface deep as you break through the outside shell and expose the internal supports.
Making Minis! Check out this fantastic Lambo Tank designed by Across the Realms and manufactured by us here at ForMySin Designs
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