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Model of the Month.

So why Model of the Month? Well, Our minis hate travelling alone. 

We all had a meeting with everyone and it was very clear that they did not like travelling without someone to talk to whilst in transit.  You see when they are chilling in the blue room, they have all their friends or a cute little creature to chat with. 

So we have made it official.  No order will be sent on their own anymore!

How it all works

With each qualifying purchase we will automatically ship the active model.  In order to qualify you must make a purchase on the website with a minimum order value of £8.  Thats it!


  • The selected Mini will be shipped in its default scale (This will be mentioned in the individual product page).
  • If the mini in question has a variation, you will be sent a random selection.
Thats all there is to it!  SO get yours order in now and get your freebie!

Shows us your finished Minis!

We absolutely want to see your finished models and minis all painted up ready for their new ventures!  Why not post on our facebook page and show them off!
Just click the links to your favourite social site and post!
*Only one Model of the Month offer is redeemable off advertised model per order.  Minimum order value is £8 
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