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Hello World!  My name is Roathan.  I am descended from my tribe that lives in the mountains.  Since my birth, I have been told that my existence has been foretold in prophecy throughout history.  You see I am born of the seventh son, who in turn was born of seventh son.  My family always encouraged me to find my calling, and to leave my home village to help all that I can.  So, humbled by my destiny,  have been helping all that I can with my powers.  

Let me tell you a little about Roathan!  Physically I stand a mighty 6 foot 4 inches tall and am covered in dusky grey scales and skin.  I am born of Dragon and am able to create and spit the ichor of destruction humans call acid.  I also have the healing touch amongst other abilities and can even stop the call of the afterlife itself! 

My parents raised me up always looking to my God and saviour since a very young age and have dedicated myself to a life of servitude in his eyes.  Great power is coursing through my veins, and with great power comes great responsibility!  

I have spent the last many years helping each village and homestead I have visited.  Whether curing a blight within their ranks, or simply a exterminating a rodent problem, I have been there to make their lives better.  I cannot imagine the pains these people suffer before I absolve them of their afflictions.  My deeds are well known throughout the lands I wander now.  My help, sought, and much needed.  Wherever I am helping I am never without somewhere to rest my head or fill my glass.  What would life be without these wonderous things.

Where Am i Today?

Where do I, the mighty Roathan, find myself today I hear you ask?  Well today I have wandered into a most invigorating adventure!  I find my god is guiding me to an incredibly odd and diverse band of people that obviously need my help.  Lets set the scene.  I am walking along through fields when it started to rain quite heavily.   

As the weather pounded at my body, I started to seek some refuge.  And, as if by magic, It seemed to appear from nowhere!  This perfect little waypoint hut was set afore me!  Perfect because it was full of lost souls in need of guidance from me, the mighty Roathan!

I venture inside and immediately find I am not the only one seeking solace from the weather.  A merry band of people are here with me!  I look to the heavens and wonder at why I am here, now, with these wonderful people!  I'm most excited and perplexed by what has been set out infront of me! 

New Friends?

A Lizardman with two little folk, one seemingly a tinkerer of mechanical things, and the other, most unusually, centred in natural magics. 

Alongside them were a couple of unscrupulous miscreants.  I felt I was being eyed up as a mark by these two.  a little hairy one and one of them humans.  They are most quiet, almost awkward.  I will need to keep an eye on these two, and my coin purse!  And the last of the group was i believe an animal trainer of some kind, with his sweet little pussy cat in tow.

You know, Humans really do give off the most offensive odour.  I have stopped remarking upon it when I meet them, as they always get so offended when I do.  

Well, Of course I offered up my services of guidance and help to the group!  It being received with what seemed like bemusement.  I don't judge them for this.  They don't understand the forces that have led me to them this day. 

Well the Lizardman, T'Rak, is very gruff!  We talked a little of his plight and he seemed to begrudgingly accept my offer of service.  From our chat it is very clear he does not want to share his rewards!  Well why would he?  Little does he know that I have no desire in treasure and gold.  My path has been directed another way.

The conversation seems sparce as we wait for the weather to subside.  But surprisingly when the weather finally leaves, we find the whole group have been signed up!  All eager to work together on the endeavours of the lizardman's party, whom were clearly overwhelmed with the task ahead of them.  I have brought this ragtag group together.  I love to see when people work together.

Roathan the Mightly Cleric
Heading out.

We headed towards the local town as a troupe, with much merriment along the way.  T'Rak seemed a lot happier since we were all willing to help, even taking to his lute to celebrate the union!  I do not think music is his forte.  So T'rak has explained so very little of the task at hand but he did say we were hunting for something or someone, or perhaps just adventure, in some ruins local to the area.  This triggered by quiet whisperings of trinkets of a magical nature alongside vast treasures.


On they way to town we had a moment!  An exercise perhaps, to test the new friendships we had just forged as we were set upon by some Kobolds.  It was good to watch the group to bed in and dispatch them in their entirety.  As the last Kobold passed this mortal coil, I was needed again as a couple of the group sorely need my healing touch.  We then collected up the litter left by the now decimated foes.  T'Rak did not disappoint and, as expected with lizardfolk, feasted on the corpses and we continued our travels.

T'raks party have an odd bond, with each of the little people riding on his shoulders on the longer journeys.  But this makes sense as the smaller strides of the tiny people would have soon frustrated me also.  The miscreants are behaving also.  Seems they are both young and inexperienced in life.  They are very quiet in conversation, so I will look to understand them further when the opportunity arises. 

The Pub beckons!

The sun is descending as we finally reach town.  The gates are open and we have little resistance to our presence.  I notice a few looks from the residents but nothing untoward.  We all decide the Inn is the order of the day and we set out to drink.  I have made an unlikely alliance with one of the little people in T'raks group.  We decide to offload the litter we collected along the way in order to cover the bar tab for the evening.  Such luck we find a well stocked blacksmith with coin a plenty to unburden us of our wares.

A quick detour to the local temple to give penance and donation to my god for being given such an exciting tale to tell, and then regrouping with my new friends in the Inn.  More merriment ensues, the gold from the exchange shared amoungst the group and the drinking begins!  Whilst pouring the next round I discuss a little of our task to the barkeep, seeking some guidance of what may lay ahead.  He points us towards the local historian Volthran who happens to be drinking in the same establishment!  

Volthran knows a little of what we speak but after a quick visit to the library in town was unable to find much to guide us further.  He said he will check his scrolls and books at his abode and find us the next day.  We agree to meet with him at the Inn we have now booked board in when he has found what he searches for.

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