About Us

We here at ForMySin Designs are a UK Based company based in Norfolk.

As collectors and players, we at ForMySin Designs have always been excited by the models and stories we are able to weave on the table. We love how scary it can be when the DM pulls out that massive model of the Wyvern to fill the next area of the map, knowing the next battle could be our characters last. Our character enters what appears as an empty room and spots the treasure chest in the corner. Ever wary it could just as easily jump up and bite us! For us these little things bring life to the games we are playing. In the past when we were kids, the models we always wished we could play with were never available to us. Or they were made of metal, with basic poses.

That is why we set up ForMySin Designs, to give everyone the opportunity to enjoy the games and experiences as much as we do.

In order to do that we needed to be able to create and supply amazing, High-definition Tabletop Models and Minis, for you to complete your gaming table, and step-up your gaming experiences with next level models and minis, and scenery created by some of the leading designers within the community. With that in mind we have set out to work closely with an amazing set of designers and their teams to supply you with a massive selection of models to suit every tabletop.


On All UK orders.  We typically can deliver to all postcodes covered by Royal Mail


We accept almost all methods of electronic payment, including PayPal, G-Pay and Apple Pay.


We can accommodate most scales upon request at no extra cost.  Please just comment in the order notes when ordering!


Need something thats not mentioned?  Need a model from one of our designers and cannot find it on the site?  Get in touch!  We have whatsapp, contact message or email.

So Why buy from us?

We supply a wide range of Models and Minis that span the Sci-Fi and Fantasy genres for all of your gaming needs and will also double up as great alternatives for models from all the big games.

We offer unrivalled customer service, No Quibble replacements for damages and also supply only extremely high-definition models. Its taken a little time but we have now transitioned all of our model making systems to cater for 8k definition as standard.

We are always looking to get better at what we do. Your feedback and comments are always invaluable.

Are you looking for somewhere to share and comment on your creations as well as our own. Why not get in touch!

We care because we play these games too!

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